Længerevarende projekter / long term projects

Sigrids Stue practise, projects and artist in residency – 2019 – 2020

Under the title Art in Between invited artist will be connected to Sigrids Stues project and practise for a longer periode of time. Together we aim to expand our projects and presence in the local, urban and public space. The collaborating artists for 2019 – 2020 are Carl Fraser GB, Camilla Nørgård DK – and others to come. As an artist and architect Carl Fraser has been working on projects   mapping social, cultural and economical structures in gentrified areas. This is also the focus for his work in Gellerup. Camilla Nørgård often use the frase ‘ don’t look forward but look around’ as a starting point for the projects she built up in urban spaces.
They have both been on their first reseach visits to Gellerup and we look forward to continiue and develope our collaborations.

One of our ongoing projects is Sigrids UdeStue which we continiously try to expand. It   currently intervene in the temporare architecture and urban structure around Karen Blixens Boulevard in the very center of Gellerupparken. Sigrids UdeStue is basically build up around a 2 storey movable container house which funktion as a meeting spot, space for artists presentations, pop up cafe-projects and here we also run Sigrids Stues Tegneskole og Byværksted for børn / Drawing school and out door workshop for children. We soon have to leave this location because of the coming building of a new Sports and Culture Campus. We will look for a new location in the area where we can resettle and continue our work.
Tegneskole // Drawingschool

Nyttehaven i Grønærten
Sigrids Have // Sigrids Garden

Beyond Verbal 2019 – 2021
Sigrids Stue is partner in the 2 year long project Beyond Verbal. Beyond Verbal is an Erasmus+ project that rise the quality of and invent methodologies for the work focusing gender equality and norm criticism in early education and care in relation to socio-economically challenged and intercultural areas in Stockhom, Istanbul and Aarhus

Gellerup Art Factory (GAF)
Together with Gellerup Film Værksted, Rap-akademiet, Cirkus Tværs and The culture dept. / Aarhus Municipality Sigrids Stue Sigrids Stue participates in the development of GAF – a platform and an open arts and culture collaboration in Gellerup.

Café SiGo – a culture café which we continiously develope together with Gobaad – Somalisk Kulturforening / Somali Culture Organization


Room for Improved Futures 2017 – 2019
Sigrids Stue er partner i projektet Room for Improved Futures – et to årigt udstillingsprogram baseret på et internationalt kunstfagligt netværk. Projektet er initieret af rum46 – kurateret og organiseret af kurator og kunstner Agnieszka Wolodzko og kunstner Grete Aagaard i samarbejde med Trade Test Site – Aarhus, Sigrids Stue – Gellerup, Imaginary Republik, Berlin / Bergen og CCS Centre for Contemporary Art, Kiev

Projektet samlet og udgivet i en bogproduktion – udgivet august 2019
Room for Improved Futures

”Identity at stake”  2016 – 2019 er arbejdstitlen på Sigrids Stues internationale samarbejdsprojekt, som omfatter ‘artist residence’-projekt for 2016 – 2018 udviklet i samarbejde med kunstnere/kuratorer tilknyttet projektrummet PASAJ (Istanbul), ZKU-centrum for Ubanistik (Berlin) og Laznia Center for Contemporary Art (Gdansk). Projektet afsluttes med at flere af de udarbejdede projektet implementeres i byrummet som faste installationer og udsmykninger samt relaterede workshops og debatter.
Identity at Stake