Om Sigrids Stue / About


Welcome to Sigrids Stue

Sigrids Stue is a platform and project space for contemporary art based in the neighborhood  Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark. Sigrids Stue develops collaborations with both local, national and international partners. In 2016 /17 we are working on the long-term collaborative arists in residence project that include independent international artists / curators. See more under ‘Partners‘ and ‘Projects

Sigrids Stue also host a local cross-disciplinary Artist Network and run a ‘drawing school’ for children in the district and is  located in a 3 floor apartment in the area plus a wooden pavillon located also in the very center of Gellerup. 

Sigrid Stue is run by artist Grete Aagaard

Sigrids Stue opened in August 2011 as a 1 1⁄2 -year satellite project under the Aarhus Art Building (now Kunsthal Aarhus ). At 1 November 2012 was Sigrid’s Space created as an independent organization. Visit us at Dortesvej 3, 3tv . 8220 Brabrand

Sigrids Stue is supported by




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